Nestor must be released immediately to stay safe and care for people in Manchester UK, where he is much loved and highly respected.

Why is this important?

Nestor was detained on Friday 30th June 2017. He had a new Leave to Remain application that was received by the Home Office before he was detained, therefore his detention was unlawful. His lawyer, Mervyn Cross of Duncan Lewis says: ”There is absolutely no reason to detain Nestor.”

A natural helper, a vital carer for both Lawrence, aged 14, and for Elizabeth Coleman, retired, Lawrence says: “He’s a really great guy and helps me with my homework and takes me to school.” And Elizabeth says: “Nestor’s home is England. He is like a son to me. He has a lot to contribute to our society.”

Nestor himself says: “I believe what the Home Office is doing to me is illegal. Manchester is my place; it’s the best place in the world for me.”

See for full RAPAR campaign details.

This man and his new family need and want to be together. We are therefore asking people to sign this petition, urging the Home Office to immediately release him from this unlawful detention.

How it will be delivered

Electronic and hard copy to the Home Office.

Manchester UK

Reasons for signing

  • Kindness for him.
  • To be helpful
  • singh it for good


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