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To: Devon County Council

Wildflower verges and hedges for Devon

Wildflower verges and hedges for Devon

Devon County Coucil to introduce a Devon-wide policy of all grass verges, banks and hedges across Devon to be managed to encourage wild flowers, wildlife and plants to thrive.

Why is this important?

Devon County Council should issue strong environmental guidance for all towns, parishes and landowners to stop the constant mowing, strimming, flailing and pesticide spraying carried out all over the county in the name of 'tidiness'.

Devon County Council should ensure that all Devon hedges, banks and verges are treated as wildlife and wildplant havens and cared for as a precious environmental resource.

At first glance, Devon looks green and thriving but the hedges are flailed to extinction, the fields are monocultures of grass, the verges cut indiscriminately.

Devon is a largely rural county and has a huge role to play in increasing environmental diversity and preventing the decline and destruction of nature. Most individuals and organisations that own or manage the natural landscape in Devon do so for reasons other than to care for nature.

We urgently need strong policy and guidance from the County Council to to prevent the ongoing decline and disappearance of native species. We need strong leadership and sanctions to give nature a chance. The way the natural environment is managed can be so much better, if only we had proper guidance from those who have the power to make this change.

Devon, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • A chance to start a change and do a U turn on devons biodiversity loss.
  • Hedgerows, verges and other public green spaces could become a great wildlife resource if they are managed sympathetically. We need wild spaces to stop the decline in once common species.
  • Hedgerows are vital wildlife corridors and really must be protected.


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