To: Suffolk Coastal District Council and Suffolk County Council

Woods Lane closure in Woodbridge, Suffolk

Woods Lane closure in Woodbridge, Suffolk

We urge Suffolk Coastal District Council and Suffolk County Council to do all they can to find a better compromise regarding the closure of Woods Lane in Melton. The impact on the community, businesses and the locals who will be adversely affected by the closure and diversions of such a vital artery to the area, which is already a choke point, is immense. It will render them effectively unusable for the community for a period of time that is not acceptable.

Why is this important?

It is important because it is asking the community to sacrifice time, money and quality of life in adverse proportion to the benefit it will reap. Bloor Homes needs to do more to ameliorate the effect this closure will have. We urge Suffolk Coastal District Council and Suffolk County Council to put the needs of its constituents before those of a single private enterprise.

How it will be delivered

In person if need be!

Woodbridge, Suffolk

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Reasons for signing

  • Significant increase in traffic past our property which fronts directly onto the road. Have to keep all windows shut as traffic fumes/pollution very noticeable. Our health is being affected purely for Blooms benefit and not the local community.
  • It's unacceptable for Bloor Home to, essentially, close the primary link to the Wilford peninsular for almost half a year. They should be given target timescales by which to complete the work, e.g. a sensible compromise could be that they complete all work by the end of Jan 2018. They should also take into account the disruption on local residents and businesses, with compensation available as appropriate.
  • People who make these kind of decisions obviously do not live within the affected area! Furthermore with long queues of traffic taking alternative routes via pinch points it will be intolerable and potentially dangerous with exasperated drivers pulling out into gaps in traffic that are not sufficient for safe driving. Something must be put into operation to stop this happening (at least for the new year closure) - a bypass road as was originally discussed would be the obvious solution!


2017-10-18 19:45:17 +0100

With over 3,000 signatures does anyone have any thoughts as to when we should deliver the petition? What about day one of closures?

2017-10-09 22:24:58 +0100

Somebody made a website for the new development.

2017-10-09 22:22:05 +0100

Thank you to the person who alerted that the petition was getting more signatures but was not updating on the panel of people. Seems to have cleared now.

2017-10-02 19:03:09 +0100

There is a small number of people, very small, who have felt the need to register a name that is not their own, and post as that identity. While the names and contact details of every lovely person who has signed this petition is not publicly available, getting your IP address if you are not following the basic rules of good manners and propriety would not be huge stretch. The effort put in by every signatory should not be misappropriated by individuals who need to find a better hobby. Be good to each other, keep your hands off others' identities and keep on sharing!

2017-10-02 17:53:21 +0100

Suffolk Highways seems happy with the decisions it has made - see Eyke FB for its response to all your concerns. As many have posed via the petition and on this page, also on NextDoor, what can we do next? Does anyone have any good ideas?

2017-10-02 16:17:46 +0100


A new blogpost from Caroline Page, County Councillor for Woodbridge

2017-09-27 19:50:37 +0100

I'm adding comments for latest news on the Eyke Facebook page as things happen. You can post and share the pinned post and don't have to Like Eyke to do so

2017-09-27 18:59:19 +0100

Story by ITV News Anglia - lots of lovely mistakes!

2017-09-26 22:06:18 +0100

There's an update on Eyke's Facebook page in the main thread - comment from Cllr Geoff Holdcroft: Following Woodbridge Town Council Highways Committee earlier this evening I have called upon Suffolk Highways, Bloor Homes and Palmer Fencing to rethink their proposals such that fewer lives are blighted for a shorter time.

2017-09-26 20:12:24 +0100

Closure details and diversions 'map'

2017-09-26 17:55:10 +0100

That's 1600 - there's a good article in the EADT today, and there may be something on the BBC Suffolk news tonight. Well done everybody.

2017-09-23 18:55:01 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

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500 signatures reached

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