To: Aberdeen City Council

Yes to Kingsford

Yes to Kingsford

Aberdeen FC have been at Pittodrie stadium since formation in 1903. In recent years, Pittodrie has begun to 'fall apart' and there is no space to redevelop the ground. The club have submitted their intentions to move and create a new stadium 'Kingsford Stadium' in Kingswells. This has been met with a lot of support and negative backlash from 'supporters groups'. If you believe that Kingsford Stadium should happen, please sign your name below to this cause.

Why is this important?

It is important so that Aberdeen FC as a football club and football family can enjoy matchdays in a brand new stadium with training facilities that can be used to their full potential by both the First Team and junior teams for years to come.


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Reasons for signing

  • AFC needs a modern stadium as well as a community facility that can provide a fotball pathway for both boys and girls.
  • Aberdeen need to move with the times Pittodrie has had its day, as a life long fan we need this to attract more investment and a higher quality players.
  • COYR - about time we had a right good place to play our game.......STAND FREE


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