100% London

WHAT IS 100%


Cleaning up our energy supply gives us the chance to be at the forefront of the new energy era. Generating our own power, from the sun, the wind and the sea will transform our economy and our lives. It will mean more jobs and business opportunities as we build an infrastructure fit for the future. And we will have a clear conscience that we are protecting the planet for future generations.

Getting London to 100% clean energy is 100% possible. There are practical steps that we have to make as a city. Join us in getting our leaders to commit to make it a reality.

We are working with Londoners from across the city to get to 100% clean energy London by 2050. 

We will turn the plan into a set of concrete campaigns to:

  • Celebrate London’s existing successes;
  • Push for greater ambition in our vision and actions on clean energy;
  • Bring people together to make change happen; and
  • Bring clean energy solutions into the mainstream.