The Association of Community Organisations for Reform Now is a global federation of community-based social justice unions organising low & moderate income communities to build people power and fight for the common good.

Building on the legacy of our original US counterpart we are the first wave of a new model of grassroots organisation; building community unionism across the UK with offices in Bristol, London, Birmingham, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Our doorstep campaigns mobilise local people to come together in solidarity to tackle the problems facing our communities - from access to decent housing, public services and a political voice, to fighting back against unwanted developments and corporate malpractice. We engage in creative, direct action that not only solves individual problems but builds collective power, confidence and leadership.

The idea is simple: That when individuals join together in community groups and unions, we are more powerful. And when community groups and unions join together to influence cities, countries, industries and continents, we can build the power to change anything.

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