Bloody Good Period

Bloody Good Period fights for menstrual equity* and the rights of all women and people who bleed.

Period products aren’t free and accessible in the UK, which means that many people can’t afford or access them. People who menstruate also suffer because of the culture of embarrassment and shame that exists around this natural, biological process.
We get period products to those who can’t afford them, provide essential menstrual health information, and work to normalise periods for everybody - so that we can all get the products, information and support we need. We don't want to have to exist, and believe that the government should take responsibility for providing essential period products to everyone who needs them. But right now, because of the impact of the cost of living crisis, our work is never more needed.

*Where the world is built for people who menstruate, and everyone benefits. Where no one is at a disadvantage just because they have a period. Sounds bloody great, right?