PCS Culture Group

The PCS Culture Group represents 4,000 museums workers across England, Wales & Scotland. It is part of the Public & Commercial Sector trade union. It represent museums workers in cultural institutions such at the National Gallery, British Museum, Tate, the V&A but also in National Museums Wales and Scotland and in Liverpool. Austerity and reduced public funding is rapidly transforming our museums and cultural centres. Jobs are being slashed and transferred to private companies, pay is getting lower and lower, antisocial hours payment removed and precarious contracts like Zero Hours are multiplying. Boards of Trustees are being colonised by millionaires and corporate powers who are putting at risk the principle that access to art & culture should be available to everyone


PCS Culture Group is campaigning to stop budget cuts in arts & culture and for better more inclusive and democratic cultural policies. We founded the Show Culture Some Love campaign which brings together Trade Unions in the culture sector, artists and art campaigners. We stand for keeping museums free, publicly funding and publicly run. Our culture is part of any decent society and it should not only be available for the rich. Investing public funds in culture also benefits to the local economy, to people's health and education.