Rights Watch (UK)

We work to promote just and accountable security. We do this by ensuring that the measures taken by the UK Government in pursuit of national security are compliant with human rights and international law.
We have over twenty-five years of experience of working in the field of national security: initially in Northern Ireland, and, since 9/11, in Great Britain and abroad. Rights Watch (UK)’s has three areas of work Securitisation of Suspect Communities, Global Warfare and Post Conflict Justice and has three overarching operational gaols:

Ensure that the national security laws and policies that are directed towards/impact communities and persons in the United Kingdom are compliant with the UK’s human rights obligations

Ensure that the national security measures and activities that the UK Government conducts, facilitates and cooperates with abroad are compliant with the UK’s human rights obligations

Ensure that the UK Government is held accountable to victims for any human rights abuses it carries out in the course of its involvement in counter-terrorism operations and/or conflict

Rights Watch (UK) achieves these goals by working to ensure that the means and methods used to counter terrorism comply with international and human rights law; promoting independent and effective oversight, regulation and transparency of government activity in counter terrorism efforts and promoting accountability and redress for any individuals who suffer human rights abuses as a result of the Government’s conduct in the course of conflict or counter terrorism operations.