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  • Hospital closure
    It leaves a huge swathe of Glasgow and South Lanarkshire without a proper hospital, by transferring everything to the Southern General hospital it will mean a chronic bed shortage, as well as no A and E. This is not a decision made to improve the service as politicians try to convince us of it's purely a money saving exercise.
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    Created by tom mclaughlin
    Closing schools on Thursdays causes maximum difficulties for child care, disrupts education if an extra day is not put into the term time.
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    Created by HUGH FRASER Picture
  • Stop the Scottish police routinely carrying firearms
    If police carry arms routinely, this will fuel fear and criminals might arm themselves more heavily. Despite this, a number of police officers (around 300) are now routinely carrying sidearms while on patrol in much of Scotland. Armed police officers have been seen in a bakery, in a branch of Aldi and at a routine traffic incident in Glasgow - all incidents where it was unnecessary for the officer to have a firearm by his side. Until 2009, firearms officers had to keep their weapons in a locked safe and have a senior officer’s authorisation to take them. Firearms officers should revert back to this practice, because it is not necessary that they take their arms on routine patrol.
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    Created by Stephen Tomlinson
  • Scots Against TTIP
    It is important because TTIP will rid us of some of our basic liberties and will oblige the UK Goverment to put businesses over people,stop the UK making laws that hinder companies profitability and will allow companies to bring in workers from any where in the world to save money on labour. TTIP should not,must not and will not make exploitation from corporations easier! With the help of you we can stop this! For more information on the issue search TAFTA,TTIP or go to the following link http://www.waronwant.org/campaigns/trade-justice/more/inform/18078-what-is-ttip
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    Created by Lewis Akers Picture
  • Show us the polls.
    The publishing of these reports would allow the Scottish people to examine the results and make a more informed choice on the question of independence for Scotland.
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    Created by Keith Hynd Picture
  • Independent Enquiry into BBC bias regards Scottish Independence Referendum
    There is a suggestion that the BBC may be being used to promulgate propaganda in this affair, may not be unbiased or may be being coerced or influenced to serve one particular agenda. This suggestion should be investigated and BBC conduct explored in the light of their charter.
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    Created by George Moore Picture
    Exit from Dalmahoy and Ratho (road opposite) onto A71 is life threatening and one day someone will die and then it will be too late. An offer of a SLOW DOWN sign is not good enough after 15 yrs of complaining.The morning rush hour traffic is horrendous with no one giving way and the cars pile up the roads on either side. Maybe someone could just try this out and see how they feel risking their lives just trying to get home.
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    Created by Margaret Delaney
  • Scottish Wild-cat
    It is more endangered than any other cat in the world but does not get the same publicity,and I think that the British government ignores its plight.The cat once roamed a wide range of forest throughout Scotland but has been pushed near to extinction,probably because of indifference and ignorance.
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    Created by Charles Patrick O'Brien Picture
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