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Stop using dangerous pesticides in our towns and parks

New Campaign

Across the country 38 Degrees members are taking a stand against the use of dangerous pesticides in our parks and towns.

Right now, dangerous pesticides are regularly sprayed on parks across the UK. This could be posing serious health risks to local people barbecuing, eating and playing in our parks. It also threatens a variety of bees and other wildlife.

But people are pushing back. Just recently Brighton and Hove Council voted unanimously to ban all glyphosates. Campaigns to have the same happen in towns and cities across the UK are springing up everywhere. Would you like to join in?

Are you concerned about the use of dangerous pesticides in your area? If so you can start a campaign to stop the use of these pesticides here. Why not get in touch with other anti-pesticides campaigners from around the country to swap tips on how to win your campaign?

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