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To: the public and the government

A London Requiem for David Bowie

A London Requiem for David Bowie

David Bowie, musician, trendsetter, actor, cultural touchstone, all round icon and good bloke for many decades died on Monday 11 January.

We the citizens of the UK feel that this man was more loved and has more relevance to us than any head of state or monarch and that, as such, he should be remembered with a final send off commemorating his life as a Londoner and one of the UK's finest artists.

We demand an outdoor requiem in memory to the Starman in the sky with the soundtrack of his life as hymns that the public can all sing along to.

Why is this important?

We should celebrate our heroes especially one who has changed the face of music, art, fashion and attitude and has been such a positive influence to so many people across the planet. He has also been one of the UK's greatest exports

Reasons for signing

  • No one else has had such an impact on the life, beliefs and thoughts of so many people. He was a friend and confidente to so many and has led the way for EVERYTHING that has come since. He is the greatest thing the world has ever seen xxxxx
  • David Bowie is one of a kind and in a league of his own and will always inspire. His is a magnificent legacy of music, art and most of all inquireing thought presented in the most enchanting and heart and mind reaching of ways. He is the thinking, feeling, searching person's rockstar, performance artist, lyricist/poet and prophet and yet he could also reach into the common man. Also a brilliant actor in film and on stage, a true visionary and universal mind.
  • Maestro is endless talent...genius. Respect !


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