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To: The City of Edinburgh Council

A zebra crossing on every street

A zebra crossing on every street

We would like the council to ensure that there are pedestrian zebra crossings where appropriate and that no street intersection is left without a proper zebra crossing.

Why is this important?

There is a serious lack of pedestrian crossings in the Wester Hailes/Longstone/Sighthill areas and all over Edinburgh.

Entire streets are currently left without a single pedestrian crossing – streets that have access to homes, shops and parks, where families go and people walk their dogs. There are intersections and bus routes, but no pedestrian crossings. Pedestrian crossings are needed at the Dumbryden Dr/Murrayburn Rd/Parkhead Dr junction, at the Hailesland Rd end of Dumbryden Dr, on Longstone Rd, and as far afield as Hermiston Gait on Cutlins Rd. Murrayburn Primary school does not have a single crossing anywhere around it.
These are but a few suggestions and each is as good as any to start making our streets safer.

Drivers NEVER stop when seeing some parent with their child or elderly people waiting to cross the road, simply because there is no zebra crossing anywhere to tell drivers to stop if someone is waiting to cross.

The Edinburgh council tells me that, for a street to have a crossing, there needs to be a costly assessment of it, using a nationwide mathematical formula (PV2, or PV squared), to do with the ratio of pedestrian/car. then there can't be a simple zebra crossing like everywhere else in the world, but beacons that cost more money to install and upkeep. They also tell me there are some "islands" to help cross the street in two stages. Some of those islands are so narrow a buggy doesn't fit on them.
The solution? Do away with the assessment and the unnecessary beacon and simply paint white lines at every street junction and intersection.

Children and elderly and disabled people live in these areas. Isn't their safety – our safety – important?

EVERY STREET should have a safe zebra crossing at an intersection.

How it will be delivered

I'll e-mail the signatures seeing as this is an online petition.
I'll also call the media to get more public awareness of the issue.

Edinburgh, UK

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