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To: Government

Abolish Universal Credit

Abolish Universal Credit

To stop the implementation of Universal Credit and to abolish it.

Why is this important?

The new Universal Credit replaces JSA, Income Support, ESA, Housing Benefit, Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits.

Government says Universal Credit will make work pay. This is rubbish.

Universal Credit is about cutting the Social Security bill meaning millions will be worse off.

Once fully implemented Universal Credit :-

Will mean easier sanctioning forcing people to live off nothing.

Housing subsidy will be time limited forcing more to be homeless.

Support for child care drastically cut.

Disability elements cut or abolished altogether.

Thousands of small businesses will be forced out of business.

Some rates are lower than current benefit rates.

For the unemployed UC will eventually become time-limited.

The government has so far wasted hundreds of millions in IT and other failures but even they admit the benefit savings will be in the BILLIONS.

BILLIONS taken from the needy and most vulnerable in society.

How it will be delivered

in person
or press

Reasons for signing

  • First time on benifits/universal credit for 17 years... had to wait 5 weeks for first payment!! Only 695!!! My rent is 550...council tax 80 ....water 10 bill 31... bike tax 2..... that leaves me with pounds before I have to wait another 4 weeks for money so I can buy food ...electric... etc 9 weeks for measly 200 pound after bills ....absolutely disgusting!!!
  • I don't work due to illness and been forced onto this payment. Couldn't afford a Christmas or birthday present for my son. He's 6. Never felt more suicidal in my life.
  • Because it’s disgraceful what they are doing to people who rely on benefits..single moms etc


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