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To: Government

Abolish Universal Credit

Abolish Universal Credit

To stop the implementation of Universal Credit and to abolish it.

Why is this important?

The new Universal Credit replaces JSA, Income Support, ESA, Housing Benefit, Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits.

Government says Universal Credit will make work pay. This is rubbish.

Universal Credit is about cutting the Social Security bill meaning millions will be worse off.

Once fully implemented Universal Credit :-

Will mean easier sanctioning forcing people to live off nothing.

Housing subsidy will be time limited forcing more to be homeless.

Support for child care drastically cut.

Disability elements cut or abolished altogether.

Thousands of small businesses will be forced out of business.

Some rates are lower than current benefit rates.

For the unemployed UC will eventually become time-limited.

The government has so far wasted hundreds of millions in IT and other failures but even they admit the benefit savings will be in the BILLIONS.

BILLIONS taken from the needy and most vulnerable in society.

How it will be delivered

in person
or press

Reasons for signing

  • They purposely leave you with no money in the beginning and then only pay for 4 weeks worth so it messes you up from the very start with rent ect,also can't get any loans at all to help at Christmas ect,no help ,no chance for anyone on this to do more than barely survive.disgusting and clearly all done purposely unless they have no brain.
  • Boris Johnson needs to show he respects all the people in England not just his rich mates. Everyone gets ill why make it such a fight to get the help you deserve and need, nobody's job is secure these days.
  • Local mp said it's a benefit to get people in work, where's the benefit for people who are too I'll or disabled? Doesn't cover bill's will end up homeless or starving because of choosing to pay either rent or buy food.


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