To: Government, parliament, pet shops such as pets at home, jolleys, just for pets etc

Ban inappropriate cages for hamsters!!

Ban inappropriate cages for hamsters!!

We need to ban cages that are too small for hamsters,
Proven by the Wood Greens Animal Sanctuary the minumum cage for any species of hamsters is 80cm by 50cm ( )

It is cruel and inhumane to keep hamsters in small cages, pet shops sell cages that are under the minimum and are encouraging people to buy them... We need to ban the sales of inappropriate and inadequate cages for hamsters.

Why is this important?

It is important because it is extremely stressful for the hamsters living in these cages... It can cause boredom, stress and even death.

Hamster of very active creatures and need a lot of space to run around, they are wild animals and are used to having all the space in the world now they only have 50cm of space.

Please help us raise the minimum and ban inappropriate and inadequate hamster cages under the minumum of 80cm by 50cm!!!