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To: First Minister of Scotland and Prime Minister UK

Ban the Retail Sale of Fireworks

Ban the Retail Sale of Fireworks

The current laws surrounding the use of Fireworks by the general public is woefully inadequate and requires revision and extension. Lack of legislation and virtually non-existent or meaningful power by agencies to tackle Private Firework Displays is causing immeasurable harm to animals and people. At a minimum the same legal requirements that govern Public Fireworks Displays should apply to Private displays particularly in rural areas.

Why is this important?

On New Years Eve my horse, Tango, died in terror and agony due to fear induced colic. The reason...fireworks. Living in a very rural area we thought we were safe from the dangers posed to pets/livestock by fireworks. We were wrong. A cottage bordering our land was rented out for a New Year Party. When the first firework was lit it sealed Tango's fate. By the early hours my beautiful horse was dead. I do not want another pet owner or animal to suffer in the way we have. It is time for a meaningful change to take place. The sale of Fireworks to the public needs to stop. Hundreds of thousands of people and animals up and down the country suffer terribly because of people setting off Fireworks relentlessly and the current laws do nothing to protect them. Animal Welfare and other Agencies are virtually powerless to act and this needs to change.


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