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To: Stewart Stevenson MSP, Minister for Environment and Climate Change

Better Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in Scottish Schools

Ensure that recycling facilities are a mandatory requirement in the playgrounds of Scottish schools and that a national survey to determine the best in house teaching and practice of reduce, reuse, recycle in our schools is conducted in order that best practice becomes the standard practice is carried out.

Why is this important?

Without effective education everything from anti litter work to kerbside recycling to in house waste reduction strategies are undermined. If recycling facilities are not evident in a key area such as a playground it contradicts the message that recycling is important. Also misses an opportunity to establish lifelong recycling habits in children in the long term and improving current recycling rates by getting children to 'push' their parents into recycling right now. Plus recycling bins probably do more to encourage anti litter attitudes than litter bins on their own, and recycling can lead to reuse and waste reduction at source.

The teaching and practice of the 3Rs is tremendously inconsistent from school to school - some issues such as playground recycling need to be mandatory, but we also need a national survey to help identify best practice and teaching and make it the standard. See
Scotland, United Kingdom

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