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To: Brighton & Hove Council

Brighton Council Reverse Fines Issued at the Bus Gates Until The Signage Is Changed

As your own councillors accept the road signage for the Brighton Bus Gates is misleading. I am calling on Brighton & Hove Council to withdraw and refund all fines given to drivers who have entered the Bus lanes in Marlborough Place, St George’s Place, St Peter’s Place and York Place , and stop issuing new fines until the road signage is made clearer.

Why is this important?

An astonishing 9,618 tickets were issued last month alone – that’s 310 a day or one every two minutes at peak times – and this was down on the figure for August. Given the sheer number of fines issued this is clearly not drivers ignoring the road signs this appears to be an attempt to fleece innocent road users. This is damaging to the moral of the local population and discourages the tourism that Brighton and Hove relies on.
Brighton, UK

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