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To: Bristol City Council

Bring the Hotwell Road to 20 MPH

Bring the Hotwell Road to 20 MPH

Impose a 20 MPH speed restriction on motorists from the Bristol Gate - Faraday Road - Hotwell Road junction, as far as the Jacobs Wells Road roundabout

Why is this important?

Lower car speeds will reduce air pollution in one of the areas most affected by poor air quality in Bristol
20 MPH will be safer for pedestrians and cyclists, as Bristol moves to become a city of walking communities
Motorists leaving an artery road and entering the city need to drive extra carefully as they pass through a densely populated area with pubs, near a school, alongside a popular walking route beside the harbour, surrounded by flats housing many retired households.
The Hotwell Road needs to SLOW DOWN to catch up with the many other 20 MPH residential streets and roads across Bristol.

Katy Grant and Heulwen Flower
Green Party campaigners

Hotwells, Bristol BS8, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Priority to residents and pedestrians and cyclists


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