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To: Barnet Council and the Ombudsman

Brook Valley Gardens: NO to L&Q's extortionate increase of service charges

The residents of Brook Valley Gardens want to say NO to the extortionate increase in the service charges!

Why is this important?

The management company at Brook Valley Gardens, High Barnet - L&Q, intends to increase the service charges by 40-50% as of 1 April 2024.

The intention was announced with letters to the residents dated 12 February 2024.

The proposed increase of 40-50% is almost 10 times higher that the 5.4% Consumer Price Index inflation measured by the National Statistics for the year till January 2024.

Such an increase is completely unjustified and will put additional pressure on the budgets of all families living here, which have already been suffering from the recent inflation processes in the UK.

What is more, such a disproportionate increase of the service charges will make all properties extremely difficult to sell - this on a property market that is already slow and difficult.

In addition, no representative of L&Q property management attended the Annual General Meeting in February 2024 and as a result all questions from the residents remained without any answer.

We, the residents of Brook Valley Gardens should make our voices heard and should make L&Q understand that the budgets and wellbeing of our families matter.

Let us make an effort to stop the 40-50% increase of the service charges.
Barnet, UK

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