To: Police Scotland and the Judiciary

Call for an Investigation into the SNP's Missing £600,000, Who used it?

From around 2017 the SNP ran a campaign under the banner of Yes Scot.
The banner promised to Ring-Fence Donations that were to be used to finance a Second Referendum,
This money was raised by mostly ordinary people, many were not members of the SNP .
Indeed some donors dislike the SNP intensely.
The money was to be Ring-Fenced.
That means it is to be set aside for one sole purpose. Nothing Else
And as such should be separate and distinct from other finances or Bank Accounts .
In other words it should not be in the likes of a Current Account.
For the last approximately Two Years donar have been asking "Where is the Money?"
The people in control have avoided any answer , it appear to have gone missing,
The answers like "It's safe" "It's just misplace" and similar are not acceptable
From my limited understanding, of Corporate and Business Law , This money belong to the Donors given for a sole purpose and to fulfill that purpose
As those in charge of the SNP, Peter Murrell (husband to the First Minister) , Nicola Sturgeon(the FM) Ian McCann and Treasurer Colin Beattie
A concern is that the money has been used for other reasons other than , it's core usage
A serious inquiry into this,is required.

Why is this important?

Very simply, one should not mislead people into donating for one thing and possibly using the money to fund something else
Of course the money could simply be produced

Scotland, UK

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