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To: Anne Main MP and Peter Lilley MP

Call for St Albans and Harpenden MPs to stand down

Call for St Albans and Harpenden MPs to stand down

Stand down as MPs for St Albans and Hitchin & Harpenden respectively.

Why is this important?

63% of St Albans District voted to remain in the EU on June 23rd. Both Anne Main and Peter Lilley campaigned tirelessly in public debates, local newspapers, social media and on the streets to leave the European Union.
The referendum result provides a clear message, from 54,208 constituents, that voters in St Albans District overwhelmingly want to remain in the EU. This is in clear contradiction of the beliefs of Anne Main and Peter Lilley, making their position as MPs representing their constituents untenable. Having lost the support of the local electorates on this key issue, they can no longer credibly hold this office.

St Albans

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Reasons for signing

  • She is a hard line supporter of brexit who is completely out of step with her constituents
  • From 2006 - 2009, Main charged the taxpayer £62,060 (over £291/night) for a “second home” her adult daughter lived in rent-free. ( Main was ordered to repay just £7,100 and apologise. Main did privately apologise to the House of Commons but, 8 years later, she is yet to apologise to her constituents. ( In 2016, Main voted for the UK to leave the EU ( Ignoring the 54,208 constituents (63%) who voted remain.
  • She is someone who has discredited herself numerous times and is not fit to represent her constituency. Especially after supporting Brexit.


2016-07-12 11:27:59 +0100

St Albans District Council is meeting on Wednesday July 13th to discuss a number of issues. One motion is calling for Anne Main and Peter Lilley to stand down. If you are interested in attending the meeting to show support for the motion, the meeting starts at 7pm but this point will be dealt with closer to 8pm but it’s hard to be exact. Here is the link to the agenda:

If you can attend please RSVP here:
Thank you.

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