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To: Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

CCTV Installed in Thurnscoe Cemetery

CCTV Installed in Thurnscoe Cemetery

Install concealed CCTV in Thurnscoe Cemetery to prevent theft of items from loved one's graves.

Why is this important?

I've personally had my dad's resting place violated on numerous occasions and it’s absolutely heart wrenching. I've also heard many other incidents occurring in the cemetery of the same nature and it’s about time the local authority took serious action again this and hand out severe consequences for the culprits. We all visit our loved ones and like I said it’s heart wrenching enough for bereaving families!

I strongly feel that it’s about time that Thurnscoe Cemetery had concealed CCTV installed in areas where items of personal sentimental belongings have been stolen from loved ones graves.

Please sign this petition to get some action taken, finally!

Thurnscoe, UK

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  • This needs sorting people


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