To: Alex Neil, Scottish Health Secretary

Chemtrails in Scotland

Chemtrails in Scotland

Dear Mr Neil

The people of Scotland are under attack from Geoengineering techniques known as "Chemtrails". It is about time that the Scottish government stop keeping the Scottish public in the dark about this heinous crime and help people who are suffering as a consequence from Morgellon's Disease and other diseases.

Why is this important?

Are you aware of the Geo Engineering taking place in our skies? If you are please address the wholesale poisoning of our planet and we humans as well. If you are not aware, as my representative, I am asking you to quickly get up to date on this pressing issue.

Some of the facts of Geo Engineering are:

Our planet is being saturated with Heavy metals such as Barium, Aluminum, and Titanium, Arsenic and Boron are also now being found in rainwater samples world wide. The amounts showing up are way over the acceptable limit. Reputable scientists and researchers have proven that these metals along with a large number of other poisons and also nano tech particles are being sprayed in our skies in a program known as chemtrailing. There is so much undisputable evidence that this is happening and it has been admitted to by the German Government.

The level of conspiratorial silence from Politicians is being noted by growing numbers; indeed millions of people around the world who have lost faith in all Politicians and are becoming aware that they do not represent their best interests.

Many, many people are documenting the debilitating and life threatening illnesses that occur after heavy chemtrail spraying in their locations. Some doctors and health care professionals are now treating their patients for chemtrail illnesses.

Did you know that Monsanto now has an aluminum resistant seed, due to the high amounts of aluminum being dumped from chemical trails? I am sure you will see the connection between big business and this genocide. For it is indeed genocide to dump so many heavy metals into the atmosphere that it has been possibly forever altered and is creating an environment hostile to life on Earth. One of the best ways to see just how much damage has been done is to look at a photo of the planet taken from outer space and see the huge glowing ring of metal encircling the globe.

Scotland, United Kingdom

Reasons for signing

  • I have watched the skies change and the activity of the planes on an almost daily basis. This has to be challenged by the Scottish Government and stopped. We did not consent to be guinea pigs to chemical skies, this will have catastrophic consequences for all life on earth.
  • These flights don't even show up on flight trackers! Why don't governments consider them a national security threat and chase them or take them down? Nothing so secretive can possibly be benign. I did not consent to this because I was not asked and I do not consent.
  • This is NOT conspiracy theory - look at the skies, jet fuel hasn't changed in the last 20 years but the trails have....


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