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'Claw back' all money paid to 'legal professionals' in the Prosecution of the Sub-Postmasters

It's now high time we came together and instructed Government, to order HMRC to 'claw back' every penny of Tax Payer's money, paid out to 'legal professionals' in the wrongful Private Prosecution of the Sub-Postmasters.

Why is this important?

The Court of Appeal held that the prosecution of sub-post masters by Post Office Limited between 2003 and 2013 was an abuse of process and an “affront to justice”.

This affront to justice was wielded by a body of self regulated 'legal professionals', funded by the Public Purse.

A legal professional has a duty to recognise and be transparent where there is a clear shortfall in evidence. Equally, a Judge is duty bound to inquire if something was stolen, where did it go? This is to ensure that an intangible, i.e.: a number in a database correlates with something real and tangible.

We would expect to recover in excess of £300,000,000, which would be usefully employed in assisting all of those harmed, to re-build their lives.

Real Justice for all.