To: Mike Rowe

Combatting Water Pollution in the UK

The challenge of water pollution and management has become, in recent years, an increasingly prominent and concerning issue in the United Kingdom (UK). The unlawful pollution of UK waters carried out by several sewage and water companies (such as Thames Water, Wessex Water and Southern Water ), through the overuse of storm overflows to dispose of untreated sewage is occuring on an increasingly regular basis in the UK. In fact, between 2020 and 2024, Thames Water pumped at least 72 billion litres of sewage into the River Thames, figures reveal. This is highly concerning, and the UK government is not doing enough to combat this.

A total change is required to combat the governmental failure to invest in infrastructure, and to enforce the law against our water companies. Most notably, a new, more extreme law should be passed in order to hold water companies accountable for this concerning issue.

Why is this important?

Over summer 2022, several UK beaches were closed to swimmers due to the high levels of toxic waste in waters. In addition, according to Surfers Against Sewers, only fourteen percent of UK rivers warrant ‘good’ ecological status with no river in England free from chemical contamination and there may have been many more that went untested. This is threatening river and sea biodiversity, ecosystems and causing illness to people who enjoy using the river on a regular basis.
United Kingdom

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