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To: Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council

Provide a Zebra Crossing on Monmouth Drive to make it safer to enter Sutton Park by foot

Provide a Zebra Crossing on Monmouth Drive to make it safer to enter Sutton Park by foot

We the undersigned call on Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council to commission and fund a proper pedestrian crossing at the junction of Monmouth Drive and Stonehouse Road to help people cross the road in safety to Sutton Park's Boldmere Gate entrance.

Why is this important?

The Covid Pandemic has served to highlight the crucial role Sutton Park plays in the life of the town, and the benefits of walking, cycling and fresh air to both the physical and mental health of residents. Easier, safer access to our green spaces has become an even more pressing need and safer crossings are key to this. Sutton Coldfield has many elderly residents, young families and those with special needs who would all benefit from safer access to our wonderful park.

We are all aware of the need to reduce car travel and increase walking and cycling for reasons of environment, health and improved quality of life. Making it easier to cross this junction will reduce the numbers of cars visiting the park and encourage more people to take up walking and cycling both for pleasure and as a transport option. This dovetails with both Birmingham City Council and our Town Council's commitments to reducing carbon emissions and improving the public realm.

Boldmere Gate will be hosting the Commonwealth Games Triathlon next year and this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase Sutton Coldfield to a truly global audience. Much needed improvements to parking and infrastructure around Boldmere Gate have already been agreed and creating a safer pedestrian friendly entrance at this junction would be another critical piece in the jigsaw.

Let's Make Sutton Safer, Healthier and Greener.

Boldmere Gate, The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, Sutton Coldfield B73 6LH, UK

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