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To: The City of London Corporation

Consult with residents on a new, improved Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) around the Barbican

The City of London should, as soon as legally possible, engage with local residents, through the Barbican Association (BA), to promote the evaluation of a more extensive and better designed ZEZ around the Barbican.

Why is this important?

The BA, representing Barbican residents, is committed to the improved air quality, reduced traffic noise, and improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists, that a ZEZ will bring to the area. (see the BA’s submission to the City’s Streets and Walkway’s Sub-committee The failure of the City of London to engage with residents has meant that the existing experiment was badly designed and implemented and has failed in its objectives of evaluating the impact of a zero-emission scheme around the Barbican.
In addition, the unlawful actions of the City (See the Judgement of the High Court means that most of the infrastructure associated with the scheme will be dismantled with no clear date for its reinstallation.

Silk St, Barbican, London EC2Y 8DS, UK

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