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To: MP Daniel Zeichner

Create a pedestrian crossing on St Matthews Street

Pedestrian safety should to be improved on St Matthews Street in Cambridge by the addition a of a zebra crossing.

The section of road in front of Cherry Trees Social Club is heavily used by pedestrians as they walk to school as familes and as unaccompanied children. Visibility is poor when crossing from the side opposite Cherry Trees due to parked cars.

The speed bump in front of the Social Clun should be converted to a raised zebra crossing.

Why is this important?

This is a local community issue that forms part of wider actions such as the street closure on Norfolk street during school drop off and pickup times. Outside of these times the zebra crossing is likely to have a limited impact on drivers or the flow of traffic as the street is less heavily used by pedestrians outside of these hours

How it will be delivered

By email

St Matthew's St, Cambridge CB1, UK

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