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To: The U.K. Government

Declare the Arctic an International Park off limits to Exploitation

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing to you to highlight what I see as a very grave development, the attempted exploitation of The Arctic, from what I have been hearing and seeing, it would appear that the Ice Shelf is melting at an alarming rate and the results could prove disastrous for every living thing, not only within the Arctic circle but way beyond as well, recently there have been reports of a large ice sheet that has broken off and is melting in Greenland, I have seen Greenpeace campaigners out campaigning on the streets trying to raise awareness of these issues, indeed they have a campaign to 'STOP SHELL' from drilling in Arctic waters, this is a disaster waiting to happen, it's not that long since the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico involving our own B.P. and all the consequences of that (death of wildlife, sea birds mammals, loss of fishing, tourism, etc) not to mention the reputation of B.P. now we've got SHELL and the Russian and Norway are looking to go exploring for OIL, this is utter madness.

We are seeing unprecedented Global Climatic change all of which points to Global warming due mostly to the burning of fossil fuels (Oil, Coal and Gas) yet the Alternatives Wave,Wind and Sun are all around us waiting to be harnessed, indeed whilst in opposition you pledged that should your party be elected you would be the 'GREENEST GOVERNMENT EVER' what happened!

Last night I watched along with millions of people worldwide the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games here in London, and marvelled at the 'FANTASTIC' display and 'WONDERFUL' recreation of the Industrial Revolution that took place here in Britain and spread all over the world, that was perhaps Britain's greatest legacy, now once again if you are bold enough The U.K. Government could take the lead and start another 'GREEN REVOLUTION'.

It would kickstart the economy, create innovation, jobs, release billions of funds waiting to be invested in clean renewable energy and technology, create goodwill among the electorate, pacify the environmentalist's, the list is endless, need I say more, except to say for you and future Prime Minister's your legacies would be assured.

Yours Truly

Paul 'rainbowman' Lane 367 London Road, Isleworth, Middlesex.TW7 5XF

Why is this important?

Because we are at The Tipping Point, ie close to the point of no return, it is patently obvious to all and everyone who has some concern for their environment that change is 'HERE' and unless and until we recognise it and are willing to do something about it we are doomed to disaster, the most obvious sign is the 'WEATHER' It cannot have escaped peoples notice that it is now completely unpredictable, OIL is one of the main reasons for this, it is a fuel burned and leads to 'GREENHOUSE GASES' trapped in the atmosphere, cutting down the tropical rainforests where much of these are stored releases more and upsets the balance in our 'ECOSYSTEM', causing the Gulf Stream to slow down before it reaches our shores hence the meeting of colder air and setting off changeable and uncontrolled weather conditions


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