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Decontaminating Covers

Decontaminating Covers

Waterproofing manufacturers demand a specific regulation for decontaminating covers

Through the photocatalysis, most of the contaminants present in urban areas can be eliminated
The manufacturers have been developing this technology for years and putting photocatalytic solutions for high efficiency covers on the market.
Through the photocatalysis, most of the pollutants can be eliminated in urban areas, such that construction materials treated with a photocatalyst favor the removal of NOx particles that emit vehicles and industry in cities.

Why is this important?

They recommend taking advantage of rehabilitations to be carried out to improve the energy efficiency of covers, to install this type of systems that will contribute to improving the air we breathe and decrease the contamination of cities.

In addition to its collaboration in improving external air quality, another of the main advantages of decontaminating covers is its easy installation and minimum maintenance that require: "It is only necessary to clean them to prevent the process of decontamination from operating. Likewise, its placement is exactly the same as a waterproofing from conventional asphalt membrane "
Due to its multiple properties and its alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) marked by the United Nations by 2030, our team of demands a greater development of decontaminating covers.