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To: Sanctuary Housing

Demand Hyperoptic Connection for Maynards Quay

Demand Hyperoptic Connection for Maynards Quay

We, as Maynards Quay residents, have atrocious access to internet with unworkable speed. Hyperoptic have expressed willingness to supply fibre optic broadband but have been turned down by Sanctuary Housing. Despite neighbouring estates (eg Newlands Quay, also managed by Sanctuary Housing) having access to this option.

Why is this important?

We need better and more affordable access to internet to conduct day to day activities and enable working from home.

Maynards Quay, London E1W 3RY, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Current internet access is only available via the local exchange. Open reach have no plans to improve internet access to Maynards Quay. For a central London location the inter access to Maynards Quay is abysmal. The residents should be able to obtain better access. Sanctuary as landlord should not oppose this as fast internet access is vital in the modern world.


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