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To: House of Commons and the House of Lords


The author had started a petition Amend the Constitution of the United Kingdom with a Written Constitution to replace the uwritten one but it was flagged as inappropropriate as linked here: that the petition was centering on political infighting'. 

Politics is the very last thing on my  mind. I have identified a problem with the Constitution of the United Kingdom as interpreted by the powers that be and it needs to be solved no matter how long that takes. 
The problem that I encountered over a 26 year period is brutal tyranny on me by the State-authorities who manipulated whichever institution I approached from lawyers, to the Legal Ombudsman, the Independent Office for Police Conduct, the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the Financial Ombudsman Service to name but a few. Additionally I was terrorized by MI5/MI6 with hundreds of criminal anonymous emails engineered by hacking me Email address. Business like Banks and Employers also terrorized me out of jobs. I was denied access to the civil and criminal courts, and Kent Police arrested me on 7 occasions on framed allegations of sending malicious communications to various people and institutions. All because I was demanding my £55,000 severance payment from the University of Greenwich from 1998 that it withheld from me for no reason whatsoever. I was locked up in mental hospitals in 2004 and 2008 for short periods for complaining about the treatment that I was receiving from the State. The County Court of Central London fined me in terms of having to pay the Prime Minister's cost in attempting to defend in my litigation against the government of £4170. Shall I go on? 
There must have been a single authority in the United Kingdom who has been persecuting and victimizing me all these years. It can only be the Monarch through her and his monarchical entourage. 
This the monarchists do secretly by hiding the true underlying Constitution of the Country from the people. 
This is no political game for me: I want justice. Today I demanded the Circuit Judge presiding over Claim E35YM660 £150 million from the United Kingdom Treasury for what I suffered over 26 years. The shameless Judge could not reply because he has been manipulated not to yield anything to me by the Monarch. 
I was denied access to the courts, to political parties, the Parliamentary authorities and now the only channel that I had left when the Media led by the BBC would not cover this story was to go for a petition at 38 Degrees. My previous petition got blocked for reasons contained in the link given.

But I am now a Republican for there is nothing for me to look forward to from the State. 

All Republicans should unite by signing this petition.
Yours sincerely 
Dr Shantanu Panigrahi 
3 Hoath Lane 
Kent ME8 0SL 
United Kindom 
Tel: 07967789619 

Why is this important?

Republicanism is government of the people, by the people and for the people; whereas Constitutional Monarchy is government of the Monarch, by the Monarch and for the Monarch.

Republicanism is the most democratic form of government.