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To: Calderdale Council

Doctor Hill Re Surface

Doctor Hill Re Surface

Doctor Hill, Halifax leads into beautiful Fountain Head Village. The road is lethal for vehicles, bikes and pedestrians, with the amount of pot holes and not having any repairs for many years. It’s the main road into the Village with 100’s of vehicles including buses on and out of the village. Repairs need to happen before there is an accident and further damage to vehicles. Calderdale Council have a duty of care to safeguard and act asap.

Why is this important?

To ensure the village has a safe maintained road to drive, ride and walk in and out off.

How it will be delivered

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Halifax, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Because I want immediate change
  • This road has been used as a diversion from brackenbed road so many times over the years. More cars drive down there than people think. It needs to be resurfaced ASAP as it will only get worse over the winter. It will be undriveable very soon and the cost to locals will be unfair.
  • This is used for many cars and just forgotten about constantly dodging holes and it’s not fair


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