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Don't censor the Palestine Prom

Reverse the BBC's decision to censor out Nigel Kennedy's comments during 2013 Prom 34 (Four Seasons) in the TV repeat on August 23rd and the I-player.

Why is this important?

The BBC should take an impartial view of political and religious disagreements and should not stifle any individual views of non-BBC performers. The BBC can distance itself from any comments, but censoring them out shows bias. This is far from the only instance of such BBC behaviour and is unacceptable to licence payers.

Reasons for signing

  • The BBC seems more interested in image than morality these days. Happy to allow cheating and deception in it programmes, just as long as it doesn't get found out. Happy to suppress awkward facts, like the documentary exposing Jimmy Saville, as long as the surface stays undisturbed. Happy to dole out cash settlements to former employees as long as the rest of the media don't challenge them. The BBC has become a cynical, revisionist organisation
  • Nigel K spoke for very many of us - truth with love and kindness.
  • I believe everyone has the right to freedom of speech, regardless. Unless we all know what is being thought and done, its better to be known then hidden. we all need to not only have open minds, hearts, but open mouths from which we can share, and others can learn


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