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Don't censor the Palestine Prom

Reverse the BBC's decision to censor out Nigel Kennedy's comments during 2013 Prom 34 (Four Seasons) in the TV repeat on August 23rd and the I-player.

Why is this important?

The BBC should take an impartial view of political and religious disagreements and should not stifle any individual views of non-BBC performers. The BBC can distance itself from any comments, but censoring them out shows bias. This is far from the only instance of such BBC behaviour and is unacceptable to licence payers.

Reasons for signing

  • I am signing because the bbc are trying to hide what is going on in PALESTINE ,people need to know this also one of the boss is jews we are paying there wages and like the wall they will fall
  • It's important to oppose apartheid, whatever its guise. We succeeded in South Africa and must do so in Israel/Palestine.
  • I missed Prom 34 but read some wonderful reviews and heard reports from friends of the exhilarating performances and the warmth with which Nigel's remarks in support of the Palestine Strings were received. I expect to watch the whole concert, un-redacted, on BBC4 on Aug 23.


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