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To: David Cameron

Don't let our Junior Doctors be bullied by Jeremy Hunt

Let's look at the plight of the junior doctors with greater clarity.

Time is running out before your government imposes unacceptable conditions upon junior doctors. If you are committed to 7-day-a-week care then please do the decent thing and stump up the money to pay for more doctors to cover this and ensure the safety standards the junior doctors have been saying, loud and clear, will be compromised.

Jeremy Hunt wishes to achieve this by simply stretching existing staffing and finance from 5 to 7 days, entirely at the expense of the hardworking junior doctors. Don’t pretend it is the doctors who are the problem. They are credible. Your health secretary is not.

You and your family know that you cannot place too high a value on our dedicated NHS junior doctors. So don't let Hunt stretch our resources to breaking point and ensure we lose doctors to other countries waiting with open arms to welcome them with far better conditions. If this begins to happen then it is you who will be blamed for standing by and allowing a fatal blow at a watershed moment for the NHS.

Step in now before it is too late, Mr Cameron.

Why is this important?

Time is running out. 7 day-a-week access to hospitals is possible but it must be paid for. If Jeremy Hunt gets his way with these bullying tactics against one of the greatest assets we have within our NHS, our junior doctors, it will be a terrible loss to all of us.


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