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To: Education Minister Nicky Morgan

EBacc is discriminatory towards students with SEN

Scrap the enforcement of the EBacc and give credit to a wider variety of subjects that suits the wide variety of people that we have in our society.

Why is this important?

The narrowing of the curriculum can only benefit the few, we are moving backwards not forwards. Students who are able in so many ways, but struggle in others, are going to find a system where they can only fail. Just because a student struggles to write today doesn't mean they wont be an excellent business person of tomorrow. Just think: Richard Branson, Winson Churchill, Walt Disney. Albert Einstein famously had specific learning needs and had a terrible memory, he constantly failed to memorize the simplist of things. In a system where students are expected to memorise fact after fact to be tested on whether they have remembered them (not necessarily if they have understood them or can adapt them) even Eistein would be classed as a failure, is that really right?


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