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To: The Westminster Government

Electricity from Sea Power

More government money must be diverted from subsidies for wind power and devoted to research and development of electricity generation from tidal and wave power.

Why is this important?

Tidal generation is totally reliable in the constancy of its output. Turbines could be placed at locations where the tidal race is particularly strong. The mere rise and fall of the water level could be utilised where high and low water are particularly marked. A barrier could be built across an estuary and the tidal flow harnessed in both directions. Wave power is almost as reliable but the equipment is more subject to storm damage. The capital investment required is large, and only the government can wait as long as will be required for the return, but this is exactly the kind of scheme which would help to start the economy moving and benefit the nation in the long run. Wind power will not be enough in itself to see us through the crisis point which is approaching as fossil fuels run out, and it requires backup generation capacity to cover times of calm.


2013-08-03 13:24:48 +0100

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