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To: Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council

Empty Bins every two weeks in Oldham

Empty Bins every two weeks in Oldham

All the Boroughs across Oldham are struggling with mounting household rubbish piling up. Fly tips are appearing everywhere with rubbish even being dumped on streets.

Our black household rubbish bins are emptied on a three weekly cycle, which is not sustainable in the long run. People are desperate to have their rubbish removed and are turning to "companies" to take it away, much of this rubbish is fly tipped.

With an increase of HMOs and larger households across the region there is a greater strain on people to dispose of their rubbish.

Why is this important?

Emptying household bins every two weeks would make a huge difference to everyone across Oldham. It's the first step to getting on top of the huge litter problem we have.

Oldham, UK

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