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To: Home Office, Competitions and Markets Authority, Cabinet Office.

End GW/Jazz Pharma's government sanctioned monopoly of cannabis

GW/Jazz Pharma have total control on cannabis in the UK, and has indicated that it has had a 20+ year strong relationship with the Home Office.

This needs to stop, no one company should be handed a market share via political influence, let alone be allowed to control competitive industries outside of their remit.

Their relationship has allowed them to have an influence not just in the medicinal sector, but also on CBD food supplements as well as any move towards a UK recreational market.

Exhibit A is the link below, where GW/Jazz confirm their relationship with the HO, and announce their intentions:

Exhibit B is the fact that 16 GW lab reports have been used to formulate the requirements for Novel Foods.

Exhibit C is 'Skunk', you can't smoke this but GW/Jazz have owned the genetics since the early 2000's.

For even more information, please check the links below:

The world is moving forward with cannabis, yet the UK for some reason seems to be bucking the trend and going backwards, why is that?

Public opinion on cannabis law reform has had an over 50% approval rating since 2019, one year after the legalisation of medicinal cannabis. It's time to ask why the public aren't being heard, and why one company seems to have control.

Please sign, I truly believe that this petition could free cannabis to those who want it.

Why is this important?

Cannabis is illegal due to racism, and its prohibition is maintained on the basis of people making money from its medical potential. That needs to stop.

United Kingdom

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