To: Highways department

Traffic congestion in Derby: Enough is enough

We need an answer to the traffic congestion from Kingsway Shopping Centre Derby area where people are trying to reach the A38 dual carriageway. The answer is a set of lights at the roundabout to control the flow of heavy traffic that come from the Markeaton Island direction towards Burton upon Trent. If they are held there with a Red light for just 10 seconds out of every 40 seconds it would work wonders to keep traffic from being held up and tailbacks occurring, blocking the roundabout that is a little way back outside the pub.

Why is this important?

This is a petition for motorists to join who are fed up sitting in traffic, crawling along trying to get onto the A38 from the Kingsway Shopping Centre area outside of Derby and further beyond to those coming from Derby itself, Mickleover direction, past the fire Station just to eventually get to the roundabout and have to take their lives into their own hands trying to pull out if there is a reasonable gap in the continual stream of vehicles coming up from Markeaton Island towards Burton upon Trent. How much longer will we put up with this when the solution is so easy to see and rectify ? Obviously, those coming from the Markeaton Island direction need to be stopped from entering the roundabout at that point with a set of traffic lights to allow traffic from Kingsway to get onto the A38 and relieve the congestion. If the lights were on Red for only 10 seconds out of 40 at a time, it would make a huge difference and end the risk of a major collision occurring. I can see this will happen eventually. If you agree with all I’ve written, let’s get something done about making our lives less stressful, less costly and safer. Please like and comment to show solidarity to get these lights installed and I will present the figures to the correct people concerned in erecting them. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you join the movement. G

Kingsway Retail Park, Derby DE22 3FA, UK

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