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To: scottish parliament

Families For Clean Air

Ban wood burning stoves in housing estates

Why is this important?

Pollution, even from Defra approved stoves, invades neighbours' homes and has a significant, detrimental effect on their well-being, especially those with conditions such as asthma. Neighbours are unable to open windows and vents and it is impossible to remove the accumulative pollution. There is no safe level of particle emissions.


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Reasons for signing

  • The particulates produced by wood burning are pretty nasty. Lodging in kids lungs and causing long term damage. Most log burning in modern housing is completely unnecessary with the burners generally being too big (in heat output) for the room. This means they can never reach full efficiency and create more pollution. So these woodburner users are polluting our children for the sake of a nice glow in the room.
  • my house constantly smells of burning


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