To: Leeds City Council

Fighting for Affordable Housing in Leeds

Fighting for Affordable Housing in Leeds

The issue regarding affordable housing, links to the number of rough sleepers currently in Leeds. As many people on the streets are struggling to get on the property ladder due to the rising price of housing, therefore increasing the number of rough sleepers. This seems to be an increasingly growing issue in Leeds.

By acknowledging the accurate number of rough sleepers throughout the city, this would ensure sufficient support is provided. The use of a scheme would 'Kick start' an individual's path from rough sleeping to getting on the property ladder. This would enable them to improve their quality of life, whilst also improving the image of Leeds streets.

Through the improvement of affordable housing, potentially this may reduce the number of individuals on the streets, essentially improving people's potential. The reduction in numbers may impact the negative stigma surrounding rough sleepers, benefiting their image, reducing discrimination.

Why is this important?

From data gathered in 2019, there are currently at least 429 people living on the streets (Leeds Live, 2019). This figure emphasises the importance of providing support to those sleeping rough as the number continues to rise.

Through this campaign fighting for affordable housing, I am stressing the importance of the impacts on rough sleepers. As those sleeping rough have access too little opportunities to improve their situation, this causes people to spiral, resulting in negative stigmas. Therefore, by attempting to reduce the pricing of houses, whilst offering a scheme, effectively would provide better support for rough sleepers.

Leeds, UK

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