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To: The Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP Minister of State for Business and Enterprise



Dear Minister
We seek a cut back in the reported government target of opening up 2/3rds of our countryside to Fracking for shale gas & oil by adopting a more responsible policy of testing its impact over the next 5 years. By providing just 5 locations with a total surface area of no more than 100 square miles, servicing up to 1000 drilling platforms, we can gain a real experience upon which to make further judgements as to its viability and safety.

Why is this important?

The experience from Fracking in America is already sounding very real alarm bells. Reports are growing of weak regulation, pollution of the environment and general health issues, AFTER fracking activity has taken place. Already a $3M judgement has been made in favour of a couple who had 100 rigs within a two mile radius of their home. Corporations are avoiding responsibility for clearing up or treating subsequent pollution problems, leaving it to the taxpayer to resolve. People still do not know the type and full extent of the chemicals being used - WHY the secrecy?! How long before these chemicals come to the surface, agitated by the effects of climate change, poisoning our farming land and robbing us of our health and future food supplies. Greater responsibility by government now is essential for the future of this country and our children.


2015-01-27 19:35:50 +0000

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2014-06-04 19:53:04 +0100

If 74% of the public are being ignored by this government on not changing the current Trespass Laws we have a serious democratic problem. If they feel they can get away with this what abuses will next occur. WE MUST FIGHT BACK

2014-06-04 14:33:23 +0100

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