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To: Rail Companies and Local and Transport Authorities.

Free Local Train Travel for England's Pensioners

Free Local Train Travel for England's Pensioners

Free local train travel is available to concessionary bus pass holders in Manchester, Liverpool, London and West Midlands. We call on these areas to continue with this concession and for the same rights to free local train travel to be extended to other parts of England. The train companies who receive billions in subsidies should be required to put something back by just such a cost neutral concession.

Why is this important?

Many pensioners are isolated, lonely and trapped in pensioner poverty. Buses do not provide toilets or comfort for many with mobility or health issues. South Yorkshire Freedom Riders have long campaigned for their concession to be returned and for it to be extended to all on the above grounds as well as social needs. For example many now find hospital treatment is no longer local but regional and often impossible to travel to by bus. If it's good enough for pensioners in London then it's only right that all pensioners in England have the same concession.

South Yorkshire and England

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Reasons for signing

  • It would be useful to have free travel or at least subsidised train travel as some areas are not serviced by buses. However, it may be cost prohibitive especially incurrent economic climate. BUT it is important to retain the free bus travel.
  • Free local rail travel would enable me to attend evening concerts/cinema as the last bus to my local town leaves Leicester at seven.
  • Many older people keep fit by walking on the moors in the area between Penistone and Huddersfield (access to which is gained by travelling on one of the most beautiful lines in England). The only effective way to gain access to many of these paths is by train and frankly, they cannot afford the fares. It is essential for these people's health and well being for them to have these walks and free travel is the only way to do it.


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