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Free Melanie Shaw - Child Abuse whistleblower

Free Melanie Shaw - Child Abuse whistleblower

Free Melanie Shaw from her incarceration in Solitary Confinement at HMP Peterborough.

Why is this important?

When Melanie came foward with evidence of systematic Child Abuse & murder she was shining a light in to dark corners for which she should have been thanked and protected. Instead of protecting Melanie, Nottingham police harassed, threatened and bullied her. From threatening phone calls, to being followed by police cars, to false arrests, to having a mob of police smash their way into her home. Why? Possibly because she not only reported abuse of children but also spoke of murder. She was also astute enough to expose the police lying in the conduct of their investigation Operation Daybreak.

Terrified, alone and unable to access proper counselling and psychiatric help, Melanie has now been found guilty of imprisoning a male paramedic.

Convicted in a secret court where the Judge denied her access to the representation she wished and was entitled to, with no jury or public gaze, Melanie was again imprisoned in HMP Peterborough. Meanwhile, denied her benefits and without the ability to find out why they were stopped, the local housing company Nottingham Homes started action to take her house.

Melanie Shaw remains in a cell on her own.

Reasons for signing

  • Why is she being treated this way for telling the truth. It seems the state prefers to protect criminals rather than their victims. Why are you giving these low life a free pass to do what they want without fear of retribution
  • This is vwry persinal to myself as i knew melanie and sam as twenagees, when the abuse qas happenkng. im sickend and saddend to read ths:'(
  • Extreme Solitary confinement is regarded as torture by the UN it looks like our Government has no idea of right and wrong


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