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To: Jeremy Corbyn

Include in the manifesto a commitment to strengthen the Hunting Act

Include in the Labour manifesto a commitment to significantly strengthen the Hunting Act 2005.

Why is this important?

The Hunting Act of 2005 is far too weak to restrain the hunters. Illegal hunting is absolutely rife. The animal welfare consequences of this are horrendous. People who demanded a ban on hunting did not want a law that was weak, unenforced and laughed at by the hunters. The police refuse to even try to crack down on this anarchy. The only solution is a stronger - much stronger - law, with harsher penalties. A ban is supported by 84+% of the population. Labour can gather many, many votes from making this commitment in their manifesto. Please sign this petition and share it far and wide - the animals desperately need your help.


2017-05-01 12:17:23 +0100

Some may not be bothering to sign this because they think Jeremy Corbyn can't win this election. Firstly, the polls are already shifting, and the Tories' lead is diminishing- it cannot be predicted what will happen in this election. Secondly, the commitment to strengthening the ban needs to be made by Labour, and then it is enshrined, to come into effect as and when - and speaking as a hunt monitor who sees continual illegal hunting taking place, this can't come soon enough. SO - redouble your efforts, get this petition out far and wide and let's get it climbing up where it belongs! With 84+% of the population opposed to hunting, this petition is currently not reflecting reality.

2017-04-23 22:51:26 +0100

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