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To: Zak Goldsmith

Get wildlife awareness taught once a year to all schools

Get wildlife awareness taught once a year to all schools

Have wildlife awareness taught in UK schools.

Why is this important?

So many hedgehogs are struggling to survive and we find out that schools don't seek help when they see them out in the day. A better understanding of fledglings that are needlessly taken away from parents and have to be hand reared at rescues taking up valuable space. A simple lesson to highlight how to appropriately rescue wildlife and how to get help should be taught so the future generations understand how best to help our struggling wildlife. Simple measures can be taken to give injured and unwell wildlife to get them into rescues to better their chances of survival. Knowledge is the only way and this should be given to children to improve the future of some our most vulnerable animals. Since the 1950s when there was estimated 35 million hedgehogs to today estimate of less than a million. Some estimates believe they are less than half a million. This knowledge can help out future generations to make improvements and learn to live with wildlife rather than working against it and reducing the numbers further. Unless change happens and that has to come from the future generations then we could see the demise of the hedgehog within the next 10 years.

Please promote wildlife education throughout all schools to try to combat these devastating losses.

United Kingdom

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