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To: Guinness World Records

Give Paul Goose his Guinness World Record

We are campaigning to give bugler Paul Goose the Guinness World Record he has earned

Why is this important?

BUGLER Paul Goose has lifted spirits with nightly renditions of The Last Post from his doorstep EVERY night since the first lockdown

It was the army veteran’s very personal tribute to the casualties of coronavirus as well as NHS frontline heroes – and it has raised almost £10,000 so far for Barnsley Hospital’s intensive care unit.

His livestream performances have been viewed across the borough – and the world.

Many supporters reckoned his dedication was worthy of inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records – but this week, the publishers snubbed his achievements as ‘too specific’ – an outlandish claim from the people behind a book whose ‘not too specific’ records include:

- Most apples held in the mouth and cut by a chainsaw in one minute.
- The longest distance keeping a table lifted with teeth.
- Most canned drinks opened by a parrot in one minute.

We want to help Paul to get his well-deserved Guinness World Record for his dedication to fundraising throughout the past seven months.
Barnsley, UK

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