To: Therese Coffey

Give private carers an affordable wage!

Give private carers an affordable wage!

The rules on paying private carers is ridiculous. You can either claim universal credit and care for 35hrs a week, and get around 995... Then work but the government take 63p off every pound. So to earn a liveable wage of aay 1400 per month you would have to work over 60 hours including the caring responsibilities.
Or you can claim uc and carers allowance but you can only earn 123.00 of which the government will still take 63p off every pound...

If the government had to pay for carers they would charge at least 15phr, so in the long run it really doesnt help the government to underpay private carers as it will cost them more in the future once the private carers give up, so it literally makes no sense.

I am calling for a fair wage for private carers of 1400 per month to be paid and also for the government to look at how they can improve the carers allowance system so it isn't so stupid.

Why is this important?

Private carers are the backbone of the country where caring is concerned and it is a shame that the government doesn't recognise this.